In Eternal Love & Remembrance of Remi Gosal

I love you Remi,

– Your Uncle Hinda

The pain is as raw and unimaginable now as it was over a year ago when I heard the unbelievable and tragic news that my nephew, Remi, had passed away. One never gets over the death of a loved one as cherished and special as Remi. He will be an integral part of my very essence and being for as long as Time exists, and much longer after that. Despite only being on this earth for twenty-one short years, Remi Gosal touched us all with his beautiful smile, soft-spoken nature, and complex mind. He added so much to the lives of his family and friends, and we are all better people for having had Remi in our lives.

I loved watching Remi grow up and would often play with him and Renite when the two were younger children. They added pure joy and happiness to my very core! Remi was inquisitive about the world around him, and displayed a keen interest in history, literature, and philosophy. He was also deeply enamoured by theatre, and this was something that he wanted to pursue further on in his life. The sports arena was another passion of my nephew, and his love of the great game of football was apparent for all who knew him. Arsenal was his team and his eyes would light up at the mere mention of one of their upcoming matches. Remi also had a passion for running. I have now taken ownership of one of his last pairs of running shoes and, although I know that my fifty-year-old legs cannot hope to emulate Remi’s speed and composure in those shoes, I do feel an immense sense of pride as I wear them walking around my neighbourhood. I guess it’s a truly human trait of ours to adore the objects and symbols of those whom we loved and lost. Aside from pictures and memories, that is all we have left – a cruel and sad fact of life indeed.

My greatest regret concerning my nephew is that I wish I could have done more for to help. Life for him became more difficult as he grew up and especially after he graduated from high school. We were all there once. My God, the things that I for one got away with; wished I had never done; people I should never have associated with; places I should never have gone to…an endless list that makes me shake my head without end. Remi was no different. He was experiencing life and was faced with the good and bad that comes with it. The only difference between him and us is that he was unlucky and/or God decided he had other plans for him. Remi was robbed of the future hopes, dreams, passions, loves, and adventures that the rest of us were allowed to realize.

It breaks my heart to no end that he was denied an opportunity at what was to come in the days ahead of him. I can only say that he will forever play a full and ever-lasting part of my own yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows.

I love you Remi,

Your Uncle Hinda

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