Remi’s Collection of Art & Culture

He was passionate about literature, poetry, film, theatre, the arts & football. Remi had a passion for art and culture. The above posters were carefully selected over a duration of hours at Sheffield University’s poster fair. Nestled in Lisbon’s narrow cobble-stone streets stands the oldest book-store in the world. Conveniently, said bookstore was located nearContinue reading “Remi’s Collection of Art & Culture”

In Eternal Love & Remembrance of Remi Gosal

The pain is as raw and unimaginable now as it was over a year ago when I heard the unbelievable and tragic news that my nephew, Remi, had passed away. One never gets over the death of a loved one as cherished and special as Remi. He will be an integral part of my very essence andContinue reading “In Eternal Love & Remembrance of Remi Gosal”