In Loving Memory of Remi Gosal

Stefanos Tzotzolakis, Remi’s cousin has made the music for this video.

To my Darling Grandson

….the day you came into this world I could tell that you were someone very special. As you came out of the delivery room, we, the two grandmas were sitting outside. As we saw the trolley coming pass, you were staring at us as if you already knew who we were. At that moment weContinue reading “To my Darling Grandson”

The Incredible Five

Remi was the first member of the Incredible 5 to join me in this world just a couple of months after I was born. We were the first troublemakers, and sometimes leaders, of the group with the three younger ones always following our steps. From a young age, Remi shared an extreme passion for life,Continue reading “The Incredible Five”

To my Angel Brother

Remi taught me how to do everything. He taught me to withstand kicks to the stomach when we sparred in Taekwondo. He was the only man to have never gone easy on me in sparring, because he knew I was good enough. He proofread my essays, taught me about the Israel-Palestine conflict, showed me whichContinue reading “To my Angel Brother”

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