To my Darling Grandson

Remi, my darling grandson

….the day you came into this world I could tell that you were someone very special. As you came out of the delivery room, we, the two grandmas were sitting outside.

As we saw the trolley coming pass, you were staring at us as if you already knew who we were. At that moment we bonded straight away.

You brought so much joy and love into my life, that words will not be able to express. I still remember the night when the incredible 5 decided that they wanted to watch Little Britain on TV. I was given strict instructions by your parents not to allow this to happen. But somehow, I fell asleep and you kids had a great laugh watching the show.

Our love was very special Remi. The last time I saw you, even that you made special. You were running down the steps to get your train to Sheffield that afternoon, but you ran back up to give me a special hug and kiss, saying I love you Nanny.

There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think of you and miss you so much, Remi darling.

Thank you so much for those 21 beautiful years you gave me.

Wait until I will be reunited with you my darling. Love you always.

❤ Nanny

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