The Incredible Five

The Incredible Five

That’s what the five Chauhan cousins, Tanita, Remi, Alex, Renite and Stef, were called.

Remi was the first member of the Incredible 5 to join me in this world just a couple of months after I was born.

We were the first troublemakers, and sometimes leaders, of the group with the three younger ones always following our steps. From a young age, Remi shared an extreme passion for life, ranging from traveling and discovering new places and cultures, to reading and committing his heart to different activities such as Taekwondo and the gym. Remi was and definitely still is, an inspiration to all four of us, teaching us the true meaning of dedication in life as well as the beauty of exploring everything that life brings our way.

Remi also shared a true sense of the power of family, with extreme love for his sister and cousins. The Incredible 5 share beautiful memories all around the world, from feeding ducks in Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham, to going to the cinema to watch Harry Potter with our beloved nanny, waterskiing around the Greek island of Paros, ice skating at the top of Grouse mountain in Vancouver, and countless more memories. Everything we did, we did it together with the simples and most common example of leaving our parents at the shopping mall while we did our own thing. Some would say that the Incredible 5 were more like siblings than cousins.

Remi was the life of the party everywhere he went. In December 2017, at a Christmas party in Athens, Remi captured everyone’s attention with his impressive moves and enthusiasm, and specifically with his incredible ability of jumping into the splits without any difficulty. Not only did Remi impress all the guests, but he managed to get everyone dancing by spreading his love and passion for what he was doing. In fact, the DJ was so impressed by Remi’s cheerful and carefree mood that he kept asking him what song he wanted to play next. That night is one of the happiest memories we share with Remi, where all five members of the Incredible 5 carelessly danced the night away hand in hand.

Remi used to always fill the room with love, laughter and life and his presence would automatically bring the mood up wherever he went. It is rare to find such enthusiasts of life in this world and with them life gets so much more interesting and exciting. Despite the pain and emptiness his loss has caused, we all still look up to the sky and smile, picturing his beautiful smile and bright eyes wherever we go. To this day, I can still remember our last hug when he whispered “I love you Tanita” as well as our last message where he said “I cannot wait to be reunited with you, Alex, Renite and Stef.” Such a loss cannot be replaced but the memories still exist within us all and provide a daily motivation to continue our mission in this world. If Remi were here, he would dance and sing the pain out, and would definitely encourage us to do the same!

Rem, you will forever be our angel and the Incredible 5 will always be inseparable and unbreakable, no matter the distance. We love you, forever and wherever.

Love Tanita

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